Big Bandwidth—Finding, Using and Protecting our Spectrum

Spectrum is a valuable resource that will spur economic growth if we can use it properly. New radio technologies are being built that will take advantage of underutilized spectrum. But, in order for these technologies to be successful, it is necessary to find spectrum opportunities, appropriately use these spectrum opportunities, and ensure that the proper entities are using spectrum appropriately. I have been working on problems related to developing efficient algorithms that can monitor spectrum across a wide bandwidth to detect when spectrum bands are not being utilized or are being improperly used by unauthorized entities. I have also worked on problems related to spectrum leasing, and the coexistence of multiple wireless technologies like WiFi and LTE.  

One particularly important example of using our spectrum better involves the sharing of radio spectrum between communications and radar. While these systems have traditionally been designed separately from each other, they share many similar properties that allow for a new generation of combined communication and radar systems that support less exclusionary spectrum policies.  

I have been exploring fundamental questions about how joint radar-communication systems should be designed, considering important issues such as how they can be made resistant to interference, and understanding the tradeoffs that exist when one must choose waveforms that can suitably meet the markedly different needs of communication throughput and target detection/tracking.

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